Wearing The Armor Of God Against A Self Destructive Relationship With Food.

I recently shared in an online Bipolar Disorder Support group how I had struggled with bulimia and binge eating during my highest bouts of depression and mania and still tend to struggle with self destructive eating habits. I was far more surprised at the number of, “Me too’s” followed with some expression of self loathing. My go to verse came to me because it is so relevant in areas of great internal struggles. Like the war we rage on ourselves when we refuse to let go of our shame and guilt. Ephesians 6:12 “For our struggle is not against the flesh…..”. Yet we take out all our rage on our own flesh every day that we self destruct through food. I want to vow with everyone else fighting this same fight, that I (we) can give all that burdens our minds to the Lord and free our spirits from the wrong battles. The ones we take up on ourselves as orchestrated by the darkness and evil plaguing our minds, and instead put on the Armor of God to protect ourselves so we may give all that holds us back to Him. And fully understand how all our sins and all our past circumstances are forgiven and cast out by Jesus so we may be free. 

Now I say on this day, it is written, that I give this burden to God and move forward in peace. 

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